VI. Comments & Questions…

From the tradition of China’s Lao Tzu and Germany’s Goethe the conception of the Eternal Feminine was introduced to give form to society. It was most clearly articulated in the 18th Century in Goethe’s remarkable work on the essential flaw in human conduct, seen at the end of Faust, Part 2.  There-in women came to symbolized the ethical as found within the contemplative on why humans exist, standing in contrast to the forcefulness of the pure masculine, or the idea of action moving forward. Women’s virtues are inherently private in the Faustian Tragedy while men’s virtues are to be publicly traded for short term needs. Women, not operating in the mold of men had the power to redeem individual and societal actions, and stand as moral guardians.

This site is about giving an Institution form to the idea of the Eternal Feminine. Its objective is to discuss and give form to a moral integrity to the human project. In this is can augment and/or replace religions attempt at the same end.  The foundation is set up to provide a worthy means to consider and perhaps avoid the widely known and largely unspoken end to our species.

Please Comment on The Eternal Feminine, the idea at the center of it, then the D D Free, and any Related concerns.


The beginning of the Feminine, there is hope “out there”, even while drooling while “in here”. So much to do, so little time for the doing. Action is inviting but that is how we got into the troubles of the human project. Reflection is essential but requires hesitation. Perhaps reflective action is possible in part of the species?

Yes, humans are a funny species….they do so much yet know so little. At least they have passion to move….

There is hope out there, Let the Feminine run wild……



 20th Century Business as Usual, NYC


As Wall Street transactions demonstrate, men are good at attaining results, such as creating and supporting organizations at the center of industrialization. As we clearly see these organizational results have longer term consequences, most of which are unknown when results are desired and achieved. There is a lack of reflection in the heat of  momentary transactions. Women are better at reflecting on processes initiated then to where they move, especially when their ends are unknown, even unknowable.

Just now men are the default setting in most societies, even to the extreme seen in the ideas of the Taliban. There are hints of the Taliban mind in all men, especially those 20th Century men relying on 19th Century ideas to control the 21st Century.  Change is needed to this default setting.



Joan of Arch, a 21st Century Version

With this in mind an Eternal Feminine Foundation is hereby established to confront the consequences of the 20th Century. In that most humans relate to learning via rude experiences the 20th Century activities of the human project have been of value. It is now time to lay the basis to make what was learned valuable to improving the project.

What do you think, or do you?

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