II. Location: Where is it?

Based in Beijing and New York the Foundation has two retreat locations to support young women coming to illustrate the “could be,” “ought to be” and “becoming” of humans in the 21st Century society.  In these locations young women will see and feel the legacy of the eternal feminine. The will use these locations they will expand beyond communities illustrating little voice and no choice. Important to all this are facilities supporting a strong desire to know.

China Roses, by Enya

1. Guangzhou and Shanghai, China


2. New York City, New York, USA

Lower Manhattan, New York City

3. The New Jersey Horse Farm – A Retreat Away from New York City

The Headquarters for the Foundation are in Beijing and New York City. Those staying at the New York Headquarters will have the option of visiting or staying at a small hill top horse farm in Mt.Olive, New Jersey about one hour west of Manhattan on Interstate 80.  A scenic location with pastures, a forest and a small stream running down through the site. The 1836 stone house is near a carriage house and horse barn.




New Jersey Retreat

 4. Midwestern Retreat – An Iowa Farm

Within an Iowa Center for Corporate Rehabilitation we also have the offices for The Eternal Feminine Foundation and its highly appropriate support facilities. It is located on a mid-west American farm, where Foundation and Center employees and their participants hold seminars and salons relative to the Eternal Feminine mission. This farm is just west of the Mississippi River after a five hour drive from Chicago. The facility is at the center of a 1,500 acre Iowa family farm that is demonstrating the needed experiments to grow more health food in a better way while parts are being returned to nature. Rachel Engwall, the farm operator, is key.

A Quiet Place in the World


Historic Prairie Grass, at Iowa Retreat


 The Iowa Retreat and main Meeting Room

Asian Reflection Room and Library


Books are fundamentally important to the  participants in the Foundation and its mission. They are a crucial backdrop and easily available resource, and can even be seen as a center-piece for many meetings. The facility offers nine bedrooms and many  reading and/or discussion spaces. Many corporate events are currently held in this facility acting as the Center for Corporate Rehabilitation. These seminars are consistent with the Foundation values and courses of action.

“Butterfly Lovers,” Liang

 “Woman Cave”& a Feminine Sauna

Foundation Board Room

5. Women and Their Values: Are they Better for our Collective Future?

The needs of women may not be completely different then those of mean, and certainly not in opposition, but women seem to notice and interpret needs in a different way; perhaps less hierarchical and organized in ways that are more skeptical of those relying on power, conflict and warfare. The Eternal Feminine Foundation is formed in the spirit of a different arrangement of values, values more in line with nature and life, where even some men adhere to them in their life’s work. These include: Lao Tzu, Socrates, Heraclitus and the womanhood of Joan of Arc – “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

The following is put together by a few women, intended in humor, not a serious indictment of those men they may love and those men they need.

6. ABC’s of the Manly Values – Machines, Religions and Sons

a) Men, and Machines

Successful machining of the Industrial Age initiated a human dilemma on the machining of man, as expressed in the words of Gregory Bateson: “If men do not become more predictable their machines will become angry and kill them.”  While men are becoming more predictable it seems their human need for the unpredictable and the wild are emerging in the dark side of what we might call the wilderness if the human soul.


 b) Men, and Religions

When all else fails in reflection, logic and follow up actions men then turn toward a mysterious higher order, controlled by a non existent being, to justify who they are, the mistakes they make and to where they will go in death. The non existent being can become any nomena or phenomena in a society or even in the mind of a single man. Belief can outweigh facts and substance and then erode common sense and humor. In contemporary society this can be see as the Taliban Effect.  The thinking of the Taliban challenges and motivates the need for the Foundation.

american_god[1] copy

Dreaming of the afterlife, 72 virgins, raisins, or cheeseburgers

 c) Men, and Sons


“Hi papa. I may be tiny but soon I will become larger.”

Fathers, sons, and the didi effect.  Men will be men, and Yes, boys will be boys, from the belief that boys are of obviously greater value than girls to the family and world. The Eternal Feminine Foundation is in search of “both plus more,” especially the “more.”