I. Hope shines through cracks in the System


 21st Century Joan of Arc

Repairing mistakes of the Masculine

The young girl, not yet in school, bends over to help lift the weight put upon another by the hatred and intolerance from the many against the new.  Once in school she will hear she had no right to behave in this way and should simply silently watch the masculine, portraying the weakness of the feminine as composed by those behind the Garden of Eden” story.

Perhaps this girl will be the “21st Century Joan of Arc.”

Bringing Value(s) to the Human Project

Values define context. Context reveals values. To value the idea of urban is to give a meaningful idea to building of a city. Context is essential to a person’s sense of truth and falsehood, and how truth brings value to ideas related to change. Passion provides the doorway into the human project on earth, and its chances for individualized truths. A mirror as context can reveal the resources of the past. An architectural stage set, on the other hand, provides a place to act our the life of the future, not the mortality trip from the mirrored past.

Context is thus key to understanding the nature of the natural and human’s role in nature, as well as the purpose of human’s artificial in a continuing war of man against nature.

Humans tend to deny nature, especially their own nature. Thus, they remove what should be sacred while endangering context essential to life. In this way they look backward instead of giving definition to what could be.  As such, humans avoid the normative by emphasizing the mirrored limits of what “is” via a flawed memory of what “was.”  Thus they renew a life that never was and never should be via a meaning that turns meaningless.  The most we can expect from this approach to context building is humor.

Just now humans are becoming ever more enamored with what could be the artificial, and how it can improve the human project, while rejecting the natural and erasing the wilderness crucial to understanding the nature in humans. Humans are at the door of replacing more of what is knows as natural intelligence with what they hope is artificial intelligence but soon they will not have the capacity to evaluate AI. This is a continuance of humans creating the irrational by over-emphasizing the 10% rational while rejecting the 90% non-rational. In line with this humans reject the beauty of the natural while building the aesthetic wasteland of the artificial.

The human project has come to be defined in a context of war against nature and the natural. Signs of this are seen in the currently expanding  built environment that values Euclidean Geometry as sacred. Consistent with this are growing signs of a dangerous end from a war waged on that which we, as part of nature, require. Context is somewhat abstract but tends towards the constant while environment is biologically fluid and lives via natural change. We manage the resulting dilemmas via values.

Values now in good currency tend to devalue nature and the aspects of the environment now managed by nature.  Humans, on the other hand, not sing the praises of the artificial even though they and the values they represent pose great dangers to life in the human project. In the war between the natural and the artificial we see which obviously wins, if we look.

Can the small girl as shown above, and the values she demonstrates as obvious, lead humans to change what they do and how they do it? The Feminine Foundation is created to help her efforts, and efforts of others like her. They are to discover or create a new kind of societal leadership via a new set of values, values that show an understanding of context.

Do humans value nature? Do they love or hate, respect or despise, need to learn about it, or do they attempt to ignore it as much as mortality allows? We readily accept that nature is important to life but what is life and why is their death? Do we work against nature as part of our immortality projects?  Essential the human idea of work are machines. Is this why humans seem mystified by their machines and how they can be used to manage their lives?

The mythology of industrialization has gained a second breath and thus continues to grow via a growing importance given the world of the artificial. The widely lauded post-industrial revolution becomes industrialization on steroids.  Life has been further redefined to exclude the mortal and essential nature of natural and human wilderness. The unfolding of the artificial agenda grows in its importance as it seeks hope in negative-entropy and ignorance of what puts the arrow in time – entropy as irreversible, neg-entropy as marketing what is not and cannot be.

The eventual human response to nature and to its role in life defines the unfolding human future, if there will be one. We hope the Foundation can help address looming situation. If not better answers we may find better questions.


Should nature become obedient or appreciated?

Ten presumptions about context:

  1. Context is everything. Environment is limited to that which humans interact with. (David Hawk and Hanne Siikavirta, “A Question of Context”, Proceedings of the Helsinki Symposium on Industrial Ecology and Material Flows, September, 2000.)
  2. In meeting tangible and immediate needs humans interact with environments.  They generally take what they want, or deem as good, and give back what is considered waste or a bad. (David Hawk, “Relations Between Architecture and Management,” Journal of Architectural and Planning Research, 1996)
  3. Environments vary between humans. Context is common to all.
  4. With time the human environment becomes more built and increasingly artificial. Therefore, it becomes less natural. Near the end of the human project we will see a built mentality of an Artificial Intelligence replacing a Natural Intelligence.
  5. Humans take from and leave significant losses in their environments. Thus, over time significant consequences come to define context. (David Hawk, “Conditions of Success: A Platform for International Construction Development,” Construction Management and Economics, 2006.)
  6. Humans strive for immediate results and look to the environment to support them in their endeavors, yet longer term life becomes defined by consequences found in context.
  7. Results achievement by humans ends in mostly unknown or unconsidered consequences. The resulting arrow on time defines and redefines the sacred process of entropy. To deny this shifts environmental challenges from deterioration to desecration in the sense given entropy by Einstein and Hawking. The consequences of results achievement are profound, mostly unforeseen and deadly.
  8. Humans emphasize results management ideas and ignore consequential management ideals. (Kosits, Hawk, Ing, “Relationship Alignment, Reducing Friction, Realizing Value,”IBM Corporate Publication, 2004)
  9. Results achievement becomes consequences but time and space insulate humans from seeing or sensing this process and thus blame others for consequences.
  10. It is imperative that we shift from economic values, as expressed in results, towards values that reduce consequences. This would be like shifting from an MBA mentality (those out to consume life) to CMs (Consequential Managers working to nurture life).


Context Lacking Consequential Management

We presume humans will come to see that the psychology of their biological being depends on qualities of context. If not they will remain with trivial innovations in how to more efficiently make use  over the long term then innovation in using environments for results achievement in the short term. Such vision may well depend on the the psychological being. The need is for a new kind of agenda for Humans. This Foundation proposes it can begin this unfamiliar need with a shift from the long standing masculine framework of economic valuation to a longer term human appreciation of what needs to be valued in the environment to insure the stability of context.

It is hoped that feminine appreciation may well provide a doorway to finding ways to supplement or even replace short-term masculine thinking with consequential management of what matters most.  The Feminine Foundation is to prepare a new cadre of leaders that can illustrate the differences outlined above via implementing different beginnings that arrive at different endings. Leadership is directed at finding differences that make a difference.

We begin in the reexamination of the values behind the actions that have led to what humans currently value as well as what they choose to not value. Can this be changed? Does this image help you understand why the Foundation is important to finding a new pathway into a more livable future? In essence we are rethinking the valuation behind what we call masculine values in society; a process that values what men think, say and do above that of females.


Context: The Fundamental Situation


A Consequence of the Above Context

The change may well need to show the wrongfulness of more then two thousand years of Confucian logic and Platonic rationality. These have focused on the overriding value of stability via human governance and behavior, while setting the stage for extreme instability once the seeds planted in context emerge. Both ideologies support the overriding ideal of changelessness even though the essence of context is a changing nature. Thus, a war between humans and nature emerged from most religions and much science.

The Foundation of the Eternal Feminine addresses an emergent “tragedy” about life in general and the human project in particular. Those who most deeply feel the impending situation show signs of hopelessness. Those who do not notice, who ignore or fail to care add to the depression of others. The impending tragedy comes via many names including: climate change, global warming, environmental deterioration, consequences of a manly war against nature.   If leadership is relevant to the subject who should be the leaders?  Should it be a continuance of those who brought the situation about, or those who were first aware of it? Should leadership come from “another,” or can it only be in leadership of “self.”

The breath and depth of climate change is ominous.  Via its instability the impending effects to life are harsh.  Life as humans have come to know it will no longer be. Those who have now come to the realization of such and the consequences now show signs of melancholia (憂鬱症). This is a deeply buried sadness in the human soul that with time become more revealed.  More precisely we enter a period of “mental disorder, often psychotic, as characterized by extreme depression of spirits, brooding, and anxiety.”  In it we see the consequences as uncertain and ultimate.

The Eternal Feminine Foundation is formed to respond to this emerging situation, its consequences, and its variety of causes. The theme of the response is unusual. We argue for a new set of values, and new form of evaluating the situation so different ideas about responding are encouraged, even allowed.  We call these feminine values, the values of the softer approach to hard times.  During soft times hard values of mistaken clarity can be tolerated. When times are hard another approach to managing what we do not understand is needed. We cannot longer tolerate the simple minded clarity of non thinking with harsh acting followed by predictable disaster.

Leadership via Feminine Values

Our emphasis on the feminine as the doorway to difference, difference that will make a difference, comes from much thought and some evidence. Via the learning supported by the Foundation we hope to prepare a new kind of leader with a new set of values; one that values business as unusual, not the normal education of presumptions for business as usual. Much of our evidence arises from study of the human construct of industrialization as it has evolved since 1850. Key it to look at the intended results that have been used to define progress, then see the emergence of unintended consequences in the background.  Not only have we not been able to manage the consequences we have had trouble seeing or even visualizing them. The impending conditions are ominous for life and living.


Will Humans Survive the Conditions they Have Created?

Human responses to impending environmental turbulence are not reassuring. Some quietly see an impending world of terror awaiting humans. Others exhibit shades of psychotic introspection to those who would say such change is a consequence of human actions. Still others speak out in a noisy anger against those who would use science to articulate some of the causes and effects. As such we face a pile of human myths about definitions of and the meaning in the idea of progress. Some cultures even go so far as to invest resources in ignoring the deteriorated environment.  Life within and upon earth hangs in the balance.

Some depict the situation as “global warming” where glaciers will melt, the oceans will rise, coastal cities will disappear and diseases will gain strength. Others use the more general phenomena of “climate change” where impeding turbulence of climate will greatly destabilize the conditions required in human context to grow food and maintain shelters for home and other activities. A few see it at a behavioral level where the 1965  Science Magazine prediction of realization of “a tragedy of the commons” has arrived. The tragedy was in how the often encouraged economic greed of a few is allowed to  destroy the context of all. Since that time we have raised such people and the ideas driving them to a more pervasive level of leadership. There are additional depictions but strict causal-effect relations are not crucial in the impending situation of life.

Natural Consequences

In the Swedish movie “Melancholia” we watch desperation emerge in a key cultural event that is meant to show continuity of the species. The stability and continuity of “a wedding” are crucial to the notion of eternal humanity.  While a wedding and all its peculiarities unfolds in the foreground an end of earth phenomena approaches in the background. The increasingly restrained happiness of the wife and husband and their families becomes framed against the emergent question “Will humans and life be erased from the planet?”

This question is timely. Key to responding is the idea of leadership. In many parts of the world our exhibits of leadership move from second to third rate men. Historically this man has been the engine of industrialization of work and creation of the food, shelter and economies thought essential of human needs and wants. This is the same engine of progress that now endangers planetary life. It would seem that the values of manly leadership need changing, or the entire idea of men as the leaders needs to be questioned and changed. Society is in need of new kinds of differences, differences that make a difference for impending conditions.

Without significant change in how we value, see, select and manage differences, and what those differences are, humans will not meet a happy future. Ideas of who and what leadership is seems in needed of change. .

Melancholia, the Movie by Lars von Trier

Our Context as “Melancholia,” the movie, Lars von Trier



Another Endangered Species

“Butterfly Lovers, a Violin Concerto”

Historically humans would insulated themselves from the consequences of problems they created via the resources of time and/or space. These life preserving resources made it possible to move in time or space from the dangers and thus survive. As such humans avoided the longer term consequences of their short-term thinking. The human web is now too extensive and tightly interconnected to rely on time or space to insulate from humanly created messes. The single individual now has access to technological means to destroy millions of fellow beings and the natural context on which all depends. In short the means we have elected to use to insure life seems to only insure time is short to find ways to continue life.

Yes, the motivation for human improvement often begins in rude experience. The looming experiences seem beyond the rude with there being no beyond the experience.

The Artificial, via the Masculine, against the Natural

Something is seriously wrong in the human project. The project once was to enhance human living along with the life forms and context on which life depends. The 1965 article in Science Magazine on “The Tragedy of the Commons” became a widespread call to action to improve the leadership of the human project on earth. It was to be redirected to become less homo-eccentric and more appreciative of the systemic relations from which life springs and evolves. Finally, after a hundred years of intense industrialization of the human condition humans were to become skeptical of societal purpose related to maximizing short-term gain of the individual. Humans were to learn more about the consequences of ignoring the longer term and manage actions so as to shift emphasis from the now to the noble. In this way the tragedy of the few being allowed, even encouraged, to take over the “commons” and capitalize on their private profit while endangering the societal many, would be lessened.

The imperative to save the commons from long standing greed and evil was soon lost. What was early on seen as too late soon was reversed in a re-emphasis back to the industrial and accumulate of private wealth as the rational for life and living. The alert to the human project of fifty years ago has become the notice that it is now too late to avoid the once potential tragedy of that which life depends upon being destroyed by the humans who depend on it. The limits of the homo-centric have largely been replaced by the far more ominous egocentric.  The human project is now defined by the limits of why and where it seeks leadership. The problem of focusing on human wants and needs have been replaced by the far more serious problem of allowing a focus on the limited thinking of the 1% in society.  The 99% religiously listens to the 1% that rises to power via promising the 99% that all should be and can be as selfishly egocentric as that exhibited in the shallow lives of the leaders. This has become the predominant myth about the meaning of life.


Meanwhile humans avoid seeing how their actions and those who encourage such actions are initiating ever greater consequences. These have or will soon move beyond human capabilities to manage what they have generated, i.e., environmental deterioration, climate change and global warming, Leadership has taken the human project beyond the idea of a tragedy awaiting the commons if we don’t change. We did change. We greatly enhanced the tragedy’s impact and certainty.  The threats to human food, shelter and life are emerging and are ominous. The tradition of securing the human project via migration is no longer an option.  Mass migration will happen but the motivator of seeking a better place will be a death march.


Hopelessness and Migration of Life and Living

Late forms of industrialization pose ever more questions than answers. The impending consequences are dire for planetary life including human continuance. American ideas on business, as taught in business schools, illustrate that business as usual is approaching a situation where business is strategically immoral. Experiments in business as unusual are needed.  Where China follows aspects of Western Business as usual it becomes easy to see the impending problem for all. Chinese leadership does see this and has raised concern while instituting changes effectively immediately. Americans, meanwhile adhere to the old adage:  “Having lost sign of our direction we redoubled our efforts.” One of Americas best representatives of the worst in American business is expanding his portfolio of mistakes to become President of the US.

One might argue, via a touch of humor, that humans act as if they are implicitly suicidal. Americans are a clear indicator of the depth of this perversion. The American version of humans seem to misunderstanding life and any conditions required for its continuation.  They act as if they are doing fine while selecting some of the most incapable as their leaders via political promises for ever more of whatever is wanted at ever cheaper prices and ever reduced taxes.  In America’s Silicon Valley they is a growing proclamation for ever expanding artificial intelligence to replace, not supplement, natural intelligence. Meanwhile there is a narrowing of any appreciation of larger systems of order; those that provide the context for the well-being of life.

In short, AI, as Artificial Intelligence, as managed by men, simply expands the 19th Century masculine problem of industrialization as the weapon of war against nature. This must be changed by a changed masculine mind set or expansion of the feminine sensibility to issues of context.  Life cannot support more of the warfare wherein the context always loses.

The Essence of the Masculine


One Womanly Attitude towards the Masculine


The Feminine as Different


Joan of Arc: Can we find a 21st Century Version?

Renewed Concern for Life, Has it Arrived too late?

Our concern in the Foundation is with leadership of the human project. We begin with the signs of something very wrong with contemporary leadership. The wrong is not only in those we elevate to lead our lives but in ourselves for seeking such personalities and allowing such while accepting no responsibility for what we have thereby done and will do with fervor. How can this be? How do we define our need to be led and the manner in which we qualify those we allow to lead us? What are the values behind this process?  From where do we find a need to value what we have come to value? Values are crucial. Our values define our myths. Our myths come to define us.  Can we do better?

What is the current myth around which the human project is organized? Does it arise from reflection and knowledge or anger and ignorance? What role does education play in its being? Is it the mean, angry, scared eagle flying on high with a right to carry a gun, or is it the collection of hard working bees that pollinate life and make it beautiful?  Which myths are appropriate to life and its compartmentalizes?  Which lead into the wretchedness of death from conflict, war and disease?  Is the human project responsible for choice in these matters or simply a non thoughtful pathway to the inevitable?  Are human myths relevant to the workings of the cosmos?

The importance of mythology to society is crucial but not at issue herein. The relevance and quality of current myths provides the questions. The operating myth of “The Garden of Eden” depicts a bright, inquisitive woman but cast her into a definition as a lesser being. Instead, the man is slow and non-curious but seen as good and not attracted to evil? This is a dangerous and silly myth. On the other hand we have the more exciting, more accurate, more relevant myth of Joan of Arc.  She provides a more viable image to face of consequences of the human project that arise from manly industrialization, such as how life will survive in a changing climate?  These questions are at the center of this Foundation.

Is There a Solution to Human’s Environmental Problem: From Protecting to Embracing it?

The Garden of Eden myth was articulated by men seeming with the intent of controlling women thereafter, or when possible simply ignoring their thoughts. As such we need to return to see how and where the human project can go wrong.  This is similar in the East and in the West. In the western tradition we need on look at the Greeks. Romans and Christians. The Christians closely rely on a funny story in the bible about there being a fundamental difference between men and women, and women are the problem in society, or the human project during that time.

A central theme arising from reading of biblical stories brings to mind the frustration of men. They have this need to “make things great again,” as if they were once better for white men as the class of privilege.  As such these frustrated men seek out the bad in society, knowing it can’t be them that makes things difficult. For Hitler it was Jews. For Trump its everything that is not a white male, with emphasis against the female of any color or religion. Using the Garden of Eden myth white men depict the feminine as the weak, the strange, the weird. She becomes the doorway to the evil that awaits men not on their guard. If women are given any power they will simply revert to conversations with snakes and the evil therein. The Garden of Eden clearly presents the role of the feminine in the human project. Reference to the importance of this in maintaining a legal order can be seen in the chatter of men such as the Sicilian U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Beginning here the mentality of men like Donald Trump move the perception of the feminine to an even lower level.  He pretends to be a tough, manly warrior but his words betray another selfish idiot.

A new “Joan of Arc,”  a 21st Century version, seems urgently needed.  Where will she come from? Hopefully not a new version of the “garden of Eden” story.


Garden of Eden Mythology, A slow man, An evil woman

Does Trump define our logical end state and show us the best humans can do or can we re-frame our societal mythology and the reality that emerges from such?  Is there a relation between the human project, the earth and the cosmos that is not entropic? Are humans even relevant to the cosmos or any discussion about it? Humans and their small immortality projects seem rather insignificant in the minds of those who have thought about humans in the cosmos.

“The human race is just a chemical scum on a moderate-sized planet, orbiting around a very average star in the outer suburb of one among a hundred billion galaxies. And that I can’t believe the whole universe exists for our benefit. That would be like saying that you would disappear if I closed my eyes.” — Stephen Hawking in “Reality on the Rocks” TV series  (AP)

Humans effect the natural environment that they didn’t make and don’t control. Their input is clearly moving the context to a darker place.  Some humans sense this and see a connection between life and context. A few even realize that all life depends on the qualities of the conditions of context. Some even argue that context is everything to life.

With time we learn more of how context is everything. Perhaps we will see that leadership is in those who inspire and bring aspiration to concern with and for context. This would call for the insight of the feminine. Current masculine forms of leadership are more closely resembling leadershit. It seeks the power of the trivial while ordering its followers to ignore the smell.

Life and Times of the Human Project

The human project seems to be back to the mythology that preceded  WW II. This is clearly seen in leadership issues of societal organizations. These myths highlight deep grievances and anger in a portion of society,  those feeling frustrated that they do not have more in the face of many having nothing. Perhaps their anger comes from their realizing humans are a temporary phenomena. The timetable on earth is only partially under their self-control.  They then act out in very strange ways that only insure a lack of control.  We see them gaining authority over others by saying they will “drain the swamp” of contemporary leadership attempts, yet we realize this means they will end with creating a sad sewer instead.  Clearly, their ideas and actions matter, as do all humans .  Our time is not unique, but the impact of mistaken thinking by this many humans is different. It seems to be a difference that makes a difference to life and the systems on which all life depends.

Our most recent excursion of the human project into remorse was see in the 1930’s. There in the sorrow possible to the human project was again revealed. The leaders in the once again reincarnation of there being a downside to the human project were seen under the names of: Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. Now we begin to see a 21st Century version of the same downward current. Thus, the prospects for the well being of the human project do not look good in 2015. Perhaps the most we can say about the current prospects for life are that “Everybody Hurts.”


Why must you hurt me?

“Everybody Hurts,” The Coors singing a REM song…..

Six Articulations of “The Problem”:

1:  The Passion for Changelessness. This tends to come from Men who then depict change-minded women as prone to experimentation, thus weak and prone to evil as outlined in the biblical Garden of Eden.  Females tend to be more open to seek differences that make a difference

The Mussolini depiction of truth:

War is to man what maternity is to a woman. From a philosophical and doctrinal viewpoint, I do not believe in perpetual peace.”  (Benito Mussolini)

Another way to depict the situation is that since 1960, and the fading memory of the WWII trauma American has become complacently constipated.  Those who forgot or never experienced the consequences from WWII manliness have became internally tight, upset and angry at their lot in life, i.e., “Why am I not more meaningful?” The group has grown and become the conservatives of many societies. In America they are very upset with their lot in life.  They resort to believing America was once greater, sort of like what they remembered form 4th Grade History, a course they got a C or D in.This situation has brought America to a state of philosophical constipation. A tightening up of being what never was.

Such men seek leadership that acts on this cause and looks for a societal enema to release itself. Those most behind him and such ideas should not stand too close. The human project is clearly  constipated at the individual, societal and cosmic levels.  The unfortunate way forward is to find leaders that promise what we want, it turns out badly, then we can blame them for what they do.  In this way we take no responsibility. Of course to accept blame we must have character. We selected these leaders and encouraged them to do the damage they promised. Even as the wrongheadedness becomes obvious we encourage them, then switch to criticizing them. In this we show our fear of each other, of life, or of the greater consequence from our spiritual laziness for doing what we did.Clearly, new ideas on leadership are needed. They can arise from anywhere but perhaps they best come from the questioning of our ethics towards others, and ourselves.  Perhaps we can note that the best leaders are those who do not will to be leaders, they do not count the many that follow, they even feel guilty that others would need to follow them, and prefer doing what they feel is right for the longer term, not what is noteworthy in the present. Perhaps the clearest sense that you have met a leader is that they work so their efforts help others, and adhore acts that help themselves or actions of others that seem to help them.  Selfishness is the surest sign of a wrongful leader, perhaps even  approaching membership if the world of leadershit, a growing camp of specimens emerging from the late 20th Century.  (David Hawk)

The following is an attempt to clarify our situation via proposing a means to question the human project so as to being a new sense of leadership to its direction; perhaps even approaching the ideal of self-governance towards societal leadership.  As hierarchy becomes to irrelevant and expensive to idealize and maintain we need to find alternatives to hierarchy.  As societies and their organizations move into network forms it is easier to see how such better relates to systems of life.  A cockroach may better survive a nuclear war than will an elephant but such will not increase their role in any invented hierarchy.

2: Reliance on an Ever Expanded Distribution of Ordering Principles, as Written by Men, of Course

Via the expansion of the written word from the 15th Century printing press humans learned to dream that someday organizations would improve via better distribution of what was known and more incentive to know more that would be more distributed. This is an early form of current information technology dreams. It was hoped that such would help leadership intelligence back then,  just as it is hoped it will help the human project now via more informed people. It didn’t.  It won’t.

Via the expansion of reliance on machines during industrialization 19th Century humans came to dream that they could finally relax and better enjoy their short lives. That didn’t work out so well. Humans seem more discontent and angry now then they did then. From this there is now a call for expanding artificial intelligence but to date, since Norbert Wiener, it mostly replaces what once was admired as natural intelligence.  Even sadder, it seems that hours of “tweeting” mostly produces twits.

None the less we continue to try to place our faith in “strong” leaders, even “heroes,”  to “sort these problems out.”  This seems to result in more men of limited intellect as leaders and followers. It also reduces the idea of and evidence for a human soul in the Faustian sense. Leadership avoids attributes of sensing and feeling and hopes for blind followers while waging war on nature, even including the nature of others.

Perhaps it’s time to bring leadership back to the responsibility of that person you look at in the mirror each morning? While reflecting on that mirror image we might suspend our tendency towards the egocentric via a fixation on the homo-centric. Leaders even emphasize their laziness and selfishness while on the golf course of humankind. It becomes increasingly difficult to describe our situation without turning to the term “leadershit.”

3: The Shortcomings as Emergence of Leadershit, via the Masculine. Is there another way?

This hope travels over the ages via the idea of the Feminine, the female actress in the human project as set in the universe.

Who are the little girls? There is much variety in this often used category referenced by parents and their little boys. As with most categories there is often more variety within a category then between categories.  None-the-less it is helpful to look to the phenomenal difference between these two people in the photo. On the left is one that is comfortable in being shy and reading science and math. On the right is one whose discomfort drives her to read everything despite instructions.  In common, both were taught to hide candy under their beds by a grandmother, just in case there is a depression or they happened to meet up with bad men.

There is so little humans know in any rational sense of knowledge. Those operating within the limits of unaided rationality act to keep the aesthetic ambiguities of life at bay. Yes, we all know there is a great deal beyond the limits of the rational but via the formalization of knowledge we restrict it to what can be written. We turn back the non-rational but eventually it makes its presence known via the irrational, such as in a population of those who would seek meaning in terrorizing others. Their are consequences in ignoring that which is outside the rational limits of human thought, just as their are consequences in mismanaging the eternal feminine as seen at the end of Part II of Goethe’s 18th Century Faustian Tragedy.  Since the 1960s we have come to call these wicked problems in that we have no means to conceptualize them or how they will effect us. This title seems to not help in their management.  We need a new set of metaphors for understanding, those less reductionist and more expansionist as drawn from the history of the eternal feminine.

The need to thoughtlessly act as seen in the minds of little boys is fun for them and often attractive to little girls that giggle at the results.  Yet, this seems like the beginning of many human troubles. Herein we see the beginning of the down side of the human project. Contemplation linked to a different set of acts, all  linked to a new model of management seems in order. Perhaps it will come to be called reflective action where small girls and boys negotiate the normative of moving from what is to what ought to be.

There can be great variety within the category of young girls. These differences are a great advantage, not a difficulty to overcome. Human life now needs more reflection on action. Centuries of actions linked to values presumed to be in human interest are now seen as dangerous to the web of life. Humans increasingly find they are part of this web. Human survival now depends on the integrity of the web. The agricultural era was great, for humans, and the industrial era seemed even greater. The consequences of these two remarkable results-centered, man-made activities now loom on our horizon and begin to redefine the conditions of survival of all species.

4: Locating the Wisdom of Lao Tzu, Back to the Ancient Fundamentals

The “Supremely Mysterious and Primordial Emperor, Lao Tzu, as one of the most inspiring person who ever lived is crucial to the meaning in the Eternal Feminine Foundation. Less important to the Foundation are the memorized and revered dictates of Confucian thought. Confucius’s principles have a strong basis in ordinary, business-as-usual common sense Chinese tradition and belief. In practice this illustrates that often sense is not so common. Confucian thinking is more rigorous yet not insightful to troubles now facing humans.


Lao Tzu, who said “Those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know”

  1. “Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”
  2. “Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?”
  3. “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”
  4. “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

Confucius championed strong family loyalty, ancestor worship, respect of elders by their children and of husbands by their wives. Perhaps it is now time for husbands to instead show respect for wives. This brings us to our mission in discovery and nurturing the fundamental feminine.

5: Materializing the Fundamental Feminine

The Foundation is set up to serve young women in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. The Foundation will provide university assistance, advisement and help with entering or establishing an organization that serves others.

In addition to those the Foundation is to serve and assist there is a network of very kind and very talented women that will help and advise those being financially served by the Foundation monies.

Snill, an actress, from Dalian, China


Yes, these images depict the eternal feminine associated with the Foundation via the symbols of external beauty in the life of four continents, but of greater importance to us are signs of what lies i n the inner beauty. Unfortunately, when seen in this manner we often see the downside of manliness gone wrong which then provides a “rational” for widespread wrongdoing and the war against the eternal feminine. In some basic ways this is symbolized by the life and death of Marylin Monroe, the Post WWII “candle in the wind.”

While in the short term men see these as the property they must come to own, as in Goethe’s Faust, and woman makes it worse by often enjoying the early parts of that game, we are more concerned with the long term results of the game, and its impact on the soul of the eternal.

Men are good at attaining results, yet results attained move to second order results, normally called consequences, most of which are unknown until long after results are achieved. Women are good at reflecting on processes and assuming their are consequences that can be unknown, even unknowable.

Just now humans need to reflect on, discover and manage differences that make a difference. Some differences are over time and deal with entropy, some are within time and deal with the spatial also managed by the entropic.

Just now men are the default setting in most societies, even to the extreme seen in the ideas of the Taliban. There are hints of the Taliban mind in all men, especially those 20th Century men relying on 19th Century ideas to control the 21st Century.  Change is needed to this default setting.

With this in mind an Eternal Feminine Foundation is hereby established to prepare select females to find and confront the consequences of the 20th Century. In that most humans relate to learning via rude experiences the 20th Century activities of the human project have been of value. It is not time to lay the basis to make what was learned valuable to improving the project.

Related to Goethe and Lao Tzu the conception of the Eternal Feminine was introduced to the West via Goethe at the end of his remarkable Faust, Part 2.  There in Woman symbolized pure contemplation to lie in contrast to pure masculine, or moving in action.  Women’s virtues are inherently private while those of men are public. Women have the power to redeem and be moral guardians, as well as illustrate the power of love: women such as the controversial Doris Lessing.


Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.” Doris Lessing, 2007 Nobel Prize Winner, Literature.

“Men are restless, adventurous. Women are conservative – despite what current ideology says. Of course men and women are different. You cannot escape the fact that women mould your first five years, whether you like it or not. And I can’t say I do like it very much.” (Doris Lessing, Guardian, January, 2007)

If you are intrigued by the Nobel Laureate in Literature you might look into her books, such as “The Golden Notebook,” or if you have the courage, “Briefing for a Descent into Hell.”

And then we move back to the wisdom of China: where the Foundation begins and ends.


Foundation Founders:

The Eternal Feminine Foundation is a new Institute established to address the physical and psychological integrity of the human project. It is to seek and support those who will bring optimism into avoiding the largely unspoken yet widely felt end to our species. Business as usual is not serving the species well. The Founders are a diverse group of concerned people who support the Foundation seeking improvements in humans relating to nature and each other. The Wang family and others are instrumental.


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