V. The Foundation


Primarily based in Beijing and Guangzhou, China with two retreat locations in America, the Foundation is to plant seeds for a better world via the preparation of those with a feminine intellect to articulate the “ought to be” and then the “becoming” of an improved human project for children of the 21st Century society. Mortality will take care of the impediments and restrictions on this.

In these locations young women will be able to describe and reflect on the legacy and potential of the eternal feminine and limits of the eternal masculine. They will learn of means to overcome traditional presumptions of women with little choice and less voice.  They are selected based on a driving passion to know what is going on with an ethical filter of what to do about it called wisdom.


Different Contexts are important to learning

1. China: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou




2. USA: New York City



Lower Manhattan, New York City



Other Locations encourage other kinds of reflections on our world and how to relate to it


3. The New Jersey Horse Farm – A Retreat from the City

The Headquarters for the Foundation are in Beijing and New York City. Those staying at the New York Headquarters will have the option of visiting or staying at a small hill top horse farm in Mt.Olive, New Jersey about one hour west of Manhattan on Interstate 80.  A scenic location with pastures, a forest and a small stream running down through the site. The 1836 stone house is near a carriage house and horse barn.

“China Roses,”  Enya 





 4. And then, the Iowa Retreat:  It’s Away from everything

Within the Iowa Center for Corporate Rehabilitation there are offices for The Eternal Feminine Foundation and its support facilities. Located on a mid-west American farm, that is 1.5 miles from any neighbors, Foundation and Corporate Center employees and their participants hold seminars and salons. This farm is a 4.5 hour drive west of Chicago airports and west of the Mississippi River. The facility is at the center of a 1,500 acre Iowa family farm that is demonstrating the needed experiments to grow more health food in a better way while parts are being returned to nature. Rachel Engwall, the farm operator, is key.

Iowa from air

A Quiet Place away from a Noisy Crowed World


Asian Room

Library spaces

Books are of fundamental importance to Foundation participants and meeting its mission. They are a crucial backdrop and easily available resource, and can even be seen as a center-piece for many meetings. The facility offers nine bedrooms and many  reading and/or discussion spaces. Many corporate events are currently held in this facility acting as the Center for Corporate Rehabilitation. These seminars are consistent with the Foundation values and courses of action.


 “A Woman Cave” 



Foundation Board Room



Established in Beijing, China and Mt. Olive, New Jersey, USA, the FOUNDATION OF THE ETERNAL FEMININE is to support young women developing into leaders.  They are selected as a diverse set of examples of the: “could be,” “ought to be” and “will become” of the feminine in the 21st Century society. They will become the future of the feminine as derived in the legacy of the feminine.  They are to come from communities of little voice and no choice to great voice and diverse choice.

They are held together and pushed into the eternal future via their overriding need to know. The pathways of the unknown are their invitations.  These begin in China but can be anywhere, anytime.


“Butterfly Lovers,”  Liang


Humans have a way to go, perhaps they should hurry up, or slow down?


For further information please contact the Foundation Director at:

David L. Hawk

Postal address:

The Eternal Feminine,  2771  165th Street, Fairfield, Iowa   52556        United States


Email addresses:

a) davidlhawk@gmail.com  or

b) hawkeye_333@yahoo.com


United States Phone:

(973) 517-6130


David Lee Hawk’s Resume:


I. CV for DLH, March, 2018, Academic




Backyard of the Iowa Eternal Feminine Retreat


Emma, David & Laura Hawk.

David was once taller, and better looking, or thought he was? ….



Natalie & Ping Hawk,  a troublesome feminine couple ……



Natalie, Bruno, and Context as Everything