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Established in Shanghai, China and Mt. Olive, New Jersey, USA, the FOUNDATION OF THE ETERNAL FEMININE is to provide support to young women for developing into leaders.  They are selected as a diverse set of examples of the: “could be,” “ought to be” and “will become” of the feminine in the 21st Century society. They will become the future of the feminine as derived in the legacy of the feminine.  They are to come from communities of little voice and no choice to great voice and diverse choice.

They are held together and pushed into the eternal future via their overriding need to know. The pathways of the unknown are their invitations.  These begin in China but can be anywhere, anytime.


Humans have a Ways to go. Maybe they should hurry a bit or slow down and reflect.

For further information please contact the Foundation Director at:

David L. Hawk

Postal address:

The Eternal Feminine,  2771  165th Street, Fairfield, Iowa   52556        United States

Email addresses:

a) davidlhawk@gmail.com  or

b) hawkeye_333@yahoo.com

United States Phone:

(973) 517-6130

Hawk’s Resume:

                      CV for David Hawk, July, 2016



Backyard of the Iowa Eternal Feminine Retreat


Emma, David & Laura Hawk.

David? short, isn’t he?  He once was taller, or thought so ….

Natalie & Ping Hawk,  a troublesome feminine couple ……


Ideas for the Eternal Feminine arise from Context, Context is Everything